OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, March 12


QUESTION: When should you start applying for "low jobs" like IT help desk if you are in CS or ENG looking for a software related job? Curious about other programs too to see what Waterloo's high coop rate really means, so feel free to answer. If I haven't gotten interviews yet, only alternates, should I just apply super low right now to be safe? Generally speaking, what was your first coop job and when (First round, start of continuous round, end of continuous round) did you get it?


  1. The answers you got on reddit weren't good enough for you?

  2. "low jobs"? So you're one of those ones who shame people who you perceive to be be below you on the job ladder.

    I hope you get a "low job" and stay there.

    1. I don't agree with the way he worded it, but I don't think you should deny the fact that certain jobs are better than others. He also didn't say anything about the people who have "low jobs".

    2. Better in which sense? What's better to you may not be considered better by someone else.

    3. @2b, You are delusional if you truly believe that. No one I know has taken an IT/QA position if they had a choice for a different role.

      How are these jobs worse? I can't speak for automation, but manual QA is very boring and menial work. Same goes for IT help desk. It's not challenging, and you don't get to exercise anything you learn in school. You also tend to work longer as QA, since deadlines always fall on you. Lastly, the pay cap on these jobs tend to be much lower.

    4. I agree with 2a and 2c. The post could have been worded better, but the point being made is still valid. But a low job for someone could be a high job for someone else depending on what type of job they are looking for.