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Updated on Thursday, March 12


QUESTION: For those of you who understand, how do you motivate yourself to keep going and studying while going through a mental illness? I can't seem to focus on my work. What do I do?


  1. It depends on how severe it is. When I was really not doing well, i pulled out of school, and that was the best decision for me. since returning though, i try to find a balance of things to motivate me. I try to take courses i really am interested in, and then i have an additional reason to study other than "this is something i have to complete". other times it's for confidence---i remember how i used to have a reputation for being so smart and on top of things and try to prove to myself that i can get back there again, trying to reach for that confidence again. And of course, talking regularly with a counsellor helps, but it's really important you find someone who works well with you and who gets you.

    Ultimately though, school is #2 in priorities, after my health which is #1.

  2. Like the poster above said, I always make sure my health stands higher in importance than grades. I set "rewards" for myself that come later on in the week. I used to do small online orders to my place; this way I make sure I have something to look forward to even when the term is going shit. As you can probably imagine it's an expensive reward system lol so lately I've been setting up outings with my roommates/friends... I find so long as I have something to look forward to I keep looking forward instead of backwards.

    I don't know how severe you are talking about, but things that really helped me along with my depression was making sure I take time to do something for myself, whether that be taking a course I'm really interested in even though it does nothing "useful" in the real world sense, or just giving myself some alone time to nap.

    Remember, health over grades, take care

  3. i'm in third year and going through the same thing as you >_< finally made the decision to commit to a term off for my mental health this summer.... so scared what might happen but i hope it will help.

    if anyone ever want to talk or want support, feel free to email me at!

  4. I don't have any experience with mental illness, but I just want to say you can do it!!! Oscar Pistorius was able to become an Olympic athlete with both legs amputated below the knee. You can work towards getting better, get the help that you need, and become the best at what you do, just like him....... just don't shoot your girlfriend when she goes to the bathroom.