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Updated on Wednesday, March 11


QUESTION:Has anyone taken LS 101 online and know how what the final exam is like and what the paper is? (making difficulties, etc).
Would this be a reasonable class to take during the summer while I'm working full time?
Looking at past classes, Marcella Granick has taught online several times. Does anyone know what she's like or how she marks?
Thanks for any feedback :)


  1. Depends on the TA marking it. I had a dumbshit TA mark my paper and gave me a 50 or 60 percent and I got a 90 something on the final. This was 3 years ago.

  2. I had Marcella. If you follow the paper instructions to the tee, and proof read before you submit, you should have no problem. I got 100% on the paper. Mind you though, a bunch of students got zero...but that was apparently because they didn't follow the instructions.

    As for the final, it covers the entire course. I am pretty sure we got a review sheet (can't remember exactly...). There were no surprises on it.

    It is definitely doable while working full time.