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Updated on Monday, March 9


Which course is easier AMATH 250, Math 239 or AMATH 231?


  1. Depends on where your strengths lie. Most people would say AMATH250. I'm not familiar with AMATH231, but I think that would be harder than AMATH250. As for MATH239, if you like proofs, go for it, otherwise, you'll have a bad time.

  2. I've taken Amath 250 and Math 239. Amath 250 is significantly easier than math 239. I don't know about Amath 231 but math 237 is still harder than amath 250 and math 237 is supposed to be easier than 231

  3. AMATH 250 for sure

  4. Amath 250 is easy, 231 is a little harder. I haven't taken Math 239

  5. Depends on who you take those courses with.
    I took AM231, 251 and MATH249.
    MATH249 was definitely the hardest, not sure about 239.
    I had a good prof for AM231 (C. Hewitt), he wasn't easy but very helpful. Meanwhile my prof for AM251 (K. Lamb) made the course pretty hard.