OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, March 3


QUESTION: Chem 266 or 264?


  1. chem 264 you piece of biochem fuck
    joking :^) i love you
    chem 264 is pretty easy if you go to class everyday and easier than 266

    1. I think you have it flipped. 264 is harder than 266. You can take 264 if you need 266, but not vice-versa.

      If you're in biochem/need a biochem minor/ want to take upper-year orgo/medicinal courses, take 264.

      Otherwise go with 266.

    2. I agree with 1, I found chem 264 way easier than 266.

    3. chem 264 is easier than chem 266. Bisonette said it himself. Ask him if you don't believe us.

      i took chem 266, found it easy but a lot of people didnt.

  2. Lol op these guys are trolling you. 266 is the easier orgo 264 is the hard one, only biochems take it

  3. 264 is written answer tests, 266 is multiple choice tests. 264 goes more in-depth, and both are very difficult.

    Use the above info to pick the one best for your academic strengths!

  4. 264 is pretty birdy, i got like a 78 in it without trying and I'm in CS. Was actually a lot of fun, you should totes mcgoats take it.