OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, March 12


QUESTION: To those of you who have tattoos: I know that everyone's experience differs, but how was your pain tolerance when you got a tattoo on either your left/right shoulder (blade)?

(Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing the tattoo at which you got the tattoo, that would be great!)



    You're welcome OP.

  2. Got a Tiger Lily on the back of my left shoulder. It hurt 7/10 for the first 30 min, then after I got used to it it went to 3/10. I probably could've fallen asleep.

    1. Also, I went to Tora Tattoo with Jamie as the tattoo artist.

    2. 2A: What are Jamie's prices like for a medium-large tattoo? The guy that did my first one went on to do something else, but I've heard really good things about Jamie's work. TIA.

    3. @2B: from my description I think you can guess at the size of my flower. He only charged me 150$ for it...After tip I paid 200. I was shocked at the price he gave me since I asked other places before I got it and they all estimated 300-400. It was in colour if that tells you anything else.