OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, March 2


QUESTION: Okay, so I kinda need an opinion but I don't know where to go or who to ask:

I got an offer for my first co op term, it's a job that requires me to commute 3 hours every day, the pay is below my faculty's average by about $4, and almost has no benefits at all...

Should I accept the offer even though I really don't want it or should I rank it 9th and wait for the continuous rounds...? 

And are the continuous round jobs good?
... this is my first co op term and I'm conflicted about not knowing if there are okay jobs in the continuous rounds...

Thanks! :)


  1. Why would you commute 3h for a job you don't even want? Are you trying to become suicidal and depressed?

  2. Even if you rank it a 9, it might be too late - you'll get it anyway...

  3. Like said, ranking it a 9 still doesn't guarantee you wont get it. If you do get it I highly suggest you rent a place near work then commute home on weekends or something. There are some ood jobs in the continuous round though there tend to be a lot less overall.

  4. don't rank it at all. trust me, if you take the job you'll be depressed, wondering if you could've got something better. but even if it becomes worst case scenario and you don't get a job at all, which is possible but probably unlikely, you won't be that upset cuz the only job you didn't rank which you'r enot even sure you would've gotten would've been shitty anyway

    1. Not ranking, will automatically rank it a 9 so you are still eligible to get it. The only way to be sure you don't get it is to talk to the Tatum center and have yourself removed from contention though there are very few reasons in which they do this.

  5. Why did you apply for a job you don't want? Every term there are people posting here about getting stuck with shitty jobs. The co-op department specifically says to not apply to any job you don't want to work at. It's just common sense.