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Updated on Monday, March 2


QUESTION: How do deal with annoying upstairs neighbor banging on my ceiling every 10 fucking minutes? I've exhausted all diplomatic measures, and my landlord aint doing shit. Need some legal, yet effective measures to further provoke her. And there's no way it could get any worse, so I'm not scared of bring your worse

Dealing with this everyday is making me lose my sanity and putting me on super high anxiety levels...


  1. We need more info! What started this? It seems that something really bad must have happened for someone to bang on their floor with the express purpose of pissing you off. Or maybe that's just what walking sounds like in your building.

  2. My first thought was start a fire, but since you are in the same building it might damage your apartment too. Get a bucket of water and pour it under their door using an empty paper towel roll and a funnel. As long as there is no camera to see you, there is no evidence it was you. Do it late at night so they won't see the water coming in. In the morning all their shoes will be wet if they keep them on the floor and they will be forced to wear wet shoes all day.

    1. I have a feeling you and I could potentially be best friends for life. And afterlife.
      Go for it, OP!

    2. Thought of another, less damaging thing to do. Every night put chewed gum on the floor outside of their door. Every day they will step out of their apartment and get gum on their shoes. They will either have to walk around with one foot sticking to the ground, or will have to go inside and scrape it off/switch shoes.

  3. OP omg are you me????? I have the same problem, and it's because they have like 20 kids that it's that loud.

  4. Buy yourself a fan and sleep with earplugs on
    I myself suffered from fucking-loud-neighbor syndrome multiple times and there is two ways you can fight this
    1. Confront them about it and end in a screaming match
    2. Just try your best to not hear the noise
    Don't stay home during the day and when it's night time just block your ear holes
    I know how you feel op...even the slightest noise seems deliberate and intended to annoy you but that might not be the case. The person might just be an fuckin asshole who can't feel compassion for others.

  5. Talk to Off-Campus Housing: