OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, February 26


QUESTION: If a decent/good looking guy had a mole on his face.. what would your reaction be?

and by mole i mean, not even big... almost not visible from far and very small.. not even more than the size of the pointy end of a pen...

so what are your impressions..? if hes good looking would the mole change your perception of him..? is it really bothersome? ugly?


  1. Listen, it's gonna sound cliche but the kind of girl who is gonna care about your mole isn't worth your time anyways.

    1. ^ just realized you didn't specify female, so i correct myself to say person instead

  2. You ever see Austin Powers?

  3. Mole are cute. They add character.

  4. "Eww he looks like a creep."

  5. My boyfriend has a mole on his face, it has never bothered me. I still find him incredibly attractive inside and out. Someone who would be bothered by that may not be worth your time.

  6. My boyfriend has a mole on his chin and I've also never been attracted to anyone more. If a girl likes you, it'll matter exactly 0%.