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Updated on Wednesday, February 25


Will a WD on your transcript affect you academically? I want to drop a course because I truly dont enjoy it. I'm doing pretty well, however it takes time away from my other important courses. I'm just worried co-op employers will judge me based on it.


  1. I have 2 WD's and a 77 average, I've had 9 interviews so far this term so I guess it hasn't affected me.

  2. I have 3 wd and 81 average and do good with employers, just be careful because because you can only do this 10 times. so for example I can only do this 7 more times before I might be required to withdraw from faculty.

  3. Had one in first year, same reason as you but I missed the drop deadline by 1 day lol :P Don't stress about it (something I wish I could've told my past self), I've never had an employer ask me about it and it does not affect your GPA.