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Updated on Tuesday, February 24


QUESTION: If I have no intention of applying for a Master's, is there a big difference if I have a 4-year general degree vs. an Honours degree? Like to future employers I mean. 

I've been in English RPW Co-op for the last 4 years. My work evaluations have been excellent, which shows I'm a good employee, but I am a poor student since I can't maintain the 75% average for Honours. If I switch to general I'd graduate without the Co-op title, but the experience will still be on my resume.



  1. considering 80% + is considered "excellent" by waterloo, 75 is not too away, above average by any means. sounds like too high standards if that is enough to get you kicked out. I have a buddy in cs who is in 60s but still in waterloo with no problems.

    1. That's because tech fields work off of a different scale. If you get it you pass, if you don't you fail.

  2. 60s in CS is more significant than a 75 in RPW.

  3. Unfortunately, UW has the highest major average requirement in the province. They're changing their policy soon (next year I think) because they'll get more funding for full-time honours students that way. Sorry about the timing..

  4. I think if you willingly switch out to General, you can keep your co-op on paper.