OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 24


QUESTION: I was just diagnosed with mono and I'm curious about what other people when they through when they had it. How long it lasted for and how you dealt with the feeling that your head was hit by a truck. 

At this point for me it doesn't seem like the pain is going away. Just need a little encouragement, and to know what people may have done differently.


  1. High-strength lozenges and as much sleep as possible, but you're probably already doing that.

  2. skipped a week of school...

  3. I was off school for a month when I had mono. It's serious and it will take you awhile to recover. It's not something you can bounce back from. Were you prescribed anything for the pain? I was on prednisone for a couple weeks and it brought down the swelling a lot. If you can relieve the inflammation it'll help you sleep better which will help you get better more quickly. Drink a lot of water. Herbal teas are also good. Try to stay away from caffiene which can aggravate the swelling. If it hurts too much to eat real food pick up a case of Ensure to have for 1 or 2 meals a day and also try protein-rich softer foods.