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Updated on Tuesday, February 24


QUESTION: How do I set up VPN for my laptop? Is it something that has to be set up on the router? I live in a house of 7 and the router is only accessible to the landlord. Or can I do it from my own computer? I have an Apple computer


  1. You only need to set the VPN on your own computer. Are you trying to VPN to connect to the school? If so I'm sure IST has instructions for that

  2. just google VPN providers, download their client and click connect. its really that simple

  3. @2 Isn't there a cost for those VPN providers? I am looking to do the same thing but it seems there is a cost unless of course you set up your own but that means leaving the computer on at home all the time.

    1. Use github student developer pack to get a digital ocean account with $100 credit (enough for 20 months), install openvpn server on the digital ocean machine. Some familiarity with Linux is required for initial setup. Maybe ask a linux friend.