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Updated on Tuesday, February 24


QUESTION: I'm getting extremely bored with my lack of social life at uwaterloo. Any suggestions? Before I get "what social life at uwaterloo" comments, could I get any suggestions as to what I can do to balance out the study/gym/sleep routine.


  1. Join a club. Find something that interest you and meet like minded individuals. It should be mentioned that social life is something that builds over time. You need to invest sometime into building it. Going to one meeting is generally insufficient, but repeated exposure to the same people will lead to friendship.

    I didn't have a social life before coming to UW now I have too much of one.

  2. Teach me, Master.

  3. trust me, i graduated from waterloo and entered the world of bitchdom at work for money. university is what you make of it, so if you are having a tough time having fun in a UNIVERSITY, its your fault.

  4. If you don't waste time you shouldn't be having any issues. you have 16 hours of day to use (8 for sleeping). You can set 1 hour for your morning, 1 hour for getting ready for bed, reading in bed, etc. 14 hours left. 8 hours a day for school/studying is reasonable for most people. 6 hours left. 2 hours for the gym, 4 hours left. 4 hours for your social life. If you spend half the morning watching tv, then you are just wasting time.

    I say 8 hours a day for school because students are recommended to put in at least 40 hours a week for school. If you can afford it, you could use some of the 16 extra hours on the weekend for social life.