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Updated on Sunday, February 22


How much do you think a degree is worth? Do you value it above college? What do you think about the increasing cheating by students in order to get a degree? If someone cheats do you think they should receive a degree for their actions?


  1. A few hundred grand depending on what major.

    Yes it is worth significantly more. All management positions require university not college.

    Disgusting and pathetic.

    No, I believe they should be imprisoned seeing as we live in a society where academic success is strongly correlated to economic success. Also we don't need those kinds of people in society.

  2. "the increasing cheating by students"...
    What the fuck are you talking about OP? How can you be so confident that cheating is more common than it was 10, 20 or 30 years ago?

  3. If we really put our foot down on cheating, we'd lose a good chunk of our international students from China.

    They pay more in tuition.

    So waterloo would never really try too hard to stop cheating.

    1. The truth. Asians are the UW cash cow.

    2. UofGuelph has a problem with Indian students cheating. But some of them have a system that looks good on paper, so the school can't do anything about it. They will make groups, one person will take the exam, the rest will pay a doctor (probably family) to write doctors notes so they get deferred exams. Most profs don't change the exam so the first student memorizes the questions and tells everyone else.

      My mom laughs at this because she always writes a new exam for deferred exams, and students will complain that it wasn't the same exam. She just tells them to get out of her office before she personally marks their exam. All the profs know exactly who is doing it, because they all have the same doctor.

    3. @3b: that's pretty fucked.. wow..