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Updated on Friday, February 13


I'm curious OMGUW. Are there buildings on campus that you find it depressing to be in? Are there buildings that you find make you feel happier or more positive? Where? And why?


  1. Best place to make yourself happier is the EV2 courtyard! The skylights make it so bright in there and the plants and stuff. Chairs and tables for working, eating lunch, or chatting. 10/10 would study there again.

  2. most depressing place, mc comfy.

  3. Those PAS offices.....

  4. The un-updated study floors in DP make me feel pretty depressed. Those chairs are uncomfortable and impossible to move without screeching across the tiles. I always feel boxed in in those carrels, and trying to maneuver one's body to reach a free outlet under the heaters makes me think some cruel librarian designed it that way so she/he could watch us fall over or whack our heads off the carrels. Those floors are also really institutional feeling - more poorly funded mental ward than university-level library and knowledge hub.

    On the other hand, the basement, ground and updated sixth floors are all comfy and relatively open. If only they could spread that goodness to the levels.

  5. Most depressing building? MC hands down. For a while I thought it was due to negative association with Math classes I've had there, but I have since had other (enjoyable) lectures in MC and still feel gloomy in that building. Maybe Brutalism is just not my thing.
    Conversely, the ENV buildings (living wall, airy open spaces, sunlight) and QNC are my happy places, as is the Peter Russell Rock Garden.

  6. Sad place: St. Jeromes (where the english classes are). That place reminds me of my high school which is very depressing.
    Happy place: RCH because it feels like home for some reason

  7. Happiest: ev3, earth sciences (next to the museum)
    Depressing: PAS, St. Jerome's
    hagey hall is a perfect blend of depression and comfort.

  8. Sad: MC by a long shot
    Happy: M3