OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, February 10


QUESTION: Looking for advice about how to move on : what do you do when a prof says something to you that is so unmotivational and discouraging?


  1. lol if I didn't know I thought I would have posted this myself, I have a pretty unhealthy relationship with my supervisor, he is very discouraging about my abilities. Talk to your friends and family and coworkers (students) who know your ability. Be around those that give you positive constructive feedback and our there to be supportive and to HELP you

  2. If you have an accurate idea of who you are as a person and what you are capable of it shouldn't really matter... why do you let yourself care, acknowledge his opinion and don't let it affect you emotionally.

  3. yes grow up. not everyone is going to believe in you. heck, there will be people hoping you will fail. don't waste ur time thinking about them

  4. I'm a psychic and I'm getting a very strong reading from you, Anonymous poster - I sense a strong dependency on others and a need for constant reassurance...I'm sensing a fear of abandonment...a father figure? Yes...mmmm... I feel this has strongly influenced your subconscious to crave the approval of authority figures. I can help you. Please visit my website at:!

    I can definitely help you to stop feeling like such a loser in life. I have helped so many others.