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Updated on Sunday, February 8


QUESTION: Any recommendations for pre workouts & whey that don't contain artificial sweeteners? I don't have anything against them, my stomach just doesn't react to them well, unfortunately.


  1. Why do you need a pre-workout?

    1. Typical RL shit post.

    2. Just so needy.

    3. Not OP, but a prework out can give you a serious boost depending on what's in it. I've found I can deadlift about 10lbs more after taking Cellucor.

  2. Thank you, c, I know what a pre-workout does. I want the OP to tell me why he/she thinks he/she needs it.
    (By the way, your evidence is circumstantial and results could be due to a placebo effect)

    There is a non-trivial number of people who do theoretically useful things for the wrong reasons and then don't get results but waste money.
    Protein shakes, pre-workouts (and other supplements), belts (and other accessories) etc. are some common examples of these.

    @OP: In general, I recommend using a reliable source such as to get information on supplements you know nothing about.