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Updated on Sunday, February 8


QUESTION: Has anyone called a taxi in Waterloo before? I don't really understand their rates:

$ 3.50 initial fare
$ 2.10 per kilometre
$ 31.20 per hour waiting / contract

What does the $31.2 per contract mean? Say I book a taxi for next weekend, from my house to the greyhound station at BMH, about 5 km. Is it 3.5+5*2.10+31.2, or just 3.5+5*2.10?


  1. I think the 31.20 is for when they have to wait for you, like if you are not ready when they get there, or if you want to go into a store. It is basically a fee to hold the cab so you don't have to call another one. The contract part probably means that you could arrange your own fee. Like "If you don't take $X instead I will just call another cab when I'm done"

  2. Yeah, the $31.20 would refer to if you wanted to hire a cab for like a whole day or longer time period than just one trip, where they would have to wait around for you at whatever place you're at. If you're just hiring a taxi for one trip then you don't have to worry about it.

  3. Why didn't you call and ask them....?