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Updated on Monday, February 2


How is the course CS 486 (AI) like? Is it similar to its prerequisite 341? How does it compare in workload/difficulty compared to other upper year CS courses you've taken?


  1. Fun class unless you really want a 90+, then it's a mildly annoying but still fun class.
    Very prof-dependent though, look up reviews first.

  2. ive wanted to take it for awhile and finally am this term. theres never a midterm, just several assignments. so far it's been enjoyable, a bit more work than other 4th year courses, though YMMV depending on what you are experienced with -- for example i found networks more difficult than AI, whereas security was pretty easy and requires less overall work than AI.

  3. I did it a long time ago and it was quite an easy course.

  4. It's a pretty fun course. It's nothing like cs 341 but it has a lot of stats. I would highly recommend taking it with Peter Van Beek.