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Updated on Monday, February 2


QUESTION: I love accounting. I got 100 in both grade 11 and 12. I got 96 in economics, 94 in data, 90 in business management. However I got a 68 in functions. How much of accounting is actually complex calculus?


  1. Fourth year accounting student here, accounting is not complex calculus at all.
    Lemme just point out, accounting gets really hard real quick. High school accounting is the most basic, easiest thing you'll ever do. It doesn't matter how high your grades were in high school in these courses, it will run you down.

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    1. If you use the technical definition of calculus...well, you need to know how to use a calculator. That's about it.
      Hope you can memorize entire books though, good luck =)

  3. There is no calculus involved in accounting whatsoever.

  4. ^ 3 is right and 1 is sort of...The skills needed to succeed in higher level accounting courses are just different from high school I think; weirdly enough I ended up doing better in the upper year accounting courses than I did in first and second year. The difficulty is in the concepts and not the math. If you take a lot of finance though, then yah...that might be a bit of a problem.

  5. Not only is there no "complex calculus" in accounting, but there's no complex calculus in functions either. That's basically linear algebra since they removed integrals from the high school curriculum, right?

  6. Unless you're in Math/CPA, none at all. AFM first years must take one math course in 1A though.