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Updated on Sunday, February 1


QUESTION: How do people deal with mean group members? My prof picked groups for an ongoing project, and the people in my group are being really exclusive, and not even giving me full details of what's going on. I really don't know what to do since they ignore my questions. I don't want to get a bad grade or my prof to think I am incompetent if I were to tattle on my group members :c I'm used to being very involved in group projects and one of the hard-working members, but I just feel useless and unable to do anything and it's really stressing me out


  1. Try. Email them lots. Even if you bug them, at least you're actively trying to get input. Save anything that shows their mean responses (or even lack of responses such as several emails from you with no responses).

    Second, it's not tattling especially if this is ongoing. It sounds like this is deliberate (although I don't know the full story). Talk to your prof, tell him/her what is going on, and best thing to do is show you're willing to do other options (even if that means doing the project by yourself - which can show you feel like you have no input plus you want to do well on the project)

  2. try to be active as possible. Document everything. keep emails and all communications. This way if you need to prove to the prof what happend, you won't be docked marks.