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Updated on Thursday, February 26


My roommate has been acting increasingly hostile towards me over the past semester, to the point where I am concerned about the safety of my belongings in the house.
I don't think they would be violent towards me, but I would not be surprised to come home to my room trashed or something like that. I sent my landlord an email detailing all of the problems, but asked them not to say anything to the roommate because all of their previous behaviour leads me to believe they would act out if the landlord said anything. We both have leases but they are completely separate and end in August. I want to move out in April if possible, and I don't have any real hope for a subletter, based on my location from the school (20 min bus ride) any suggestions?


  1. it's just sexual tension... offer him a blowie and things will get better

  2. That really sucks. Why is your roommate hostile? Is it mental illness or do you two just not get along? If it's the latter it might be worth it to try to make peace with them. Start advertising your room now. Maybe you can get someone to take over your lease for you, but you might just have to take the loss. Also make sure you have insurance for your belongings, just in case.