OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, January 28


QUESTION: Interesting question I've pondered for a while: do you think aesthetically pleasing campaign materials matter? Can we talk about Team Fusion's poorly coded website and amateur photography and photo editing vs. Team Gold's near professional work.

Note: I'm not talking about their platforms - that's a different discussion.


  1. Honestly I think they are both pretty good.
    Unless someone's website is way too messy, I'd say it don't have much influence on my decision.

  2. ugh planted question. stop it team gold. you're turning me off.

  3. OP here - I actually don't know nor am I partial to Team Gold. I'm just a design junkie who really appreciates hard work and effort towards aesthetics. Don't take it out on them.

  4. Team Gold probably knows AFM/Math CA kids cause their site a total rip of all AFM club sites ie. UWAC, ACE, UW DECA
    Hell, their pictures are all taken in new HH the AFM building
    i just scrolled down, can confirm now

  5. Eh, the second one is flashy but generic. The first one is a little clunky but just as serviceable. I really wouldn't rank one above the other.