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Updated on Thursday, January 29


QUESTION: Sorry for the long post but my question needs context. So this guy behind in line for the irong ring fitting had literally 0 concept of personal space and/or just completely lacked any spatial sense. Every time the line moved he kept stepping on the back of my shoes and when the line stopped moving he would literally be chest to back with me every damn time. At first I asked him politely if he could back up a bit and he scoffed. A few more times and I more sternly told him to back up. After nearly an hour of having this dickwad draped over me I asked, "how have you made it through 20 something years of life and an engineering undergrad but you haven't figured out common courtesy or personal space yet?" to which he more or less just scoffed again. I seriously wanted to knock him out but obviously had to refrain from that course of action so my question is what would you do at this point? I honestly feel that people who are rude dickheads after you have politely pointed out their lack of manners deserve a punch in the head.


  1. lol you seem like a paranoid person, probably the dude was just messing with you
    I think you should just chill

    1. Not really, because 1 is implying that's she paranoid that he actually intends to do something malicious when in fact he is just messing with her. Therefore, she is being paranoid and he's really just messing with her.

  2. Exactly, just be more assertive physically and verbally. You can be a bit aggressive because regardless of whether this fuckboy realizes it or not he's being physically aggressive with you. Push him off you blatantly, grill him, and tell him to stay the fuck out your personal space and not to scoff at when you're being reasonable with him.

  3. You should have just turned around and faced him the entire time you were in line, not saying anything. The closer he got to you, the closer it would look like he is going in for a kiss. That would probably have sufficiently made it awkward for him.

  4. lol exactly what i was thinking

  5. @2a lol okay if "how have you made it through 20 something years of life and an engineering undergrad but you haven't figured out common courtesy or personal space yet?" is the best you can do you I guess that's the best you can do lol
    Like i said I would have went really close up to his face and ask if he is comfortable

  6. 2.a can you read?
    "Do the UFC kiss-mouth-face-off-thing next time and see if he feels comfortable being that close"
    idiot :^)

  7. Thou shall not speak of The cold iron!

  8. he had a crush on you?

  9. maybe just say it loudly so everyone hears and he gets embarrassed?

  10. That's what I do when people stand too close to me. I go to put my phone in my pocket as I turn, and my elbow goes in their side and I say sorry. They back off after a couple tricks like this.

    Next I ask them to back off a bit, and then again, but saying they smell if the first time doesn't work.

    If someone is still pressing their chest on my back and won't back off I will push back, twist, getting my shoulder into their chest, elbow where the rib cage starts, and push. Look at them, say "what" and stare them down.

    If that doesn't stop them, I step on their foot while doing it so they can't catch their balance, and I grab their shoulder as they start to fall, catching them, say "watch out, don't fall" smile, and turn back around.

    No one has made it past this point, so not sure what I would do next, but it would probably involve a testosterone fueled rant cleverly calling their mother a whore and how they are a product of her desperate need for crack.

    And I always check to make sure I am bigger than them first before resorting to the more physical methods, but the people who I couldn't take in a fight don't tend to feel the need to lean against me like that.

  11. Implying that engineers have any form of social courtesy

  12. 3c, you sound like a charmer.