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Updated on Wednesday, January 28


For people who failed 1a eng, how'd you get through it?


  1. the 8 months wait before starting 1a again were the worst but now that I am back, it's going great! I didn't get a job or volunteer in the 8 months before coming back and i absolutely should have. But I realized engineering was my passion and studied hard when I came back. Got involved in a bunch of stuff to make my resume look better and to distract employers from my failed term. Finished second year this dec with a 80+ average :)

  2. You failed 1a eng, where you essentially review high school math physics and chem.

    Congrats. Time to drop out you fucking imbecile.

  3. My best friend failed 1a in eng but he ended up graduating with 80+ cumulative average and almost got 100 on his design project. If you have a passion for it, you'll get through.

  4. How do you even manage to fail 1a eng? You'd have to actually TRY to pull off some retarded shit like that..