OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, January 28


QUESTION: I graduated, and wanna go to a different gym in Waterloo. Suggestions?
* Not looking to spend much, as little as possible
* I do Deadlifts, Squats, Pullups, Shoulder Press, Bent over rows, Bench press, bicep curl on EZ, Tricep pressdown, and calf raises. So mostly barbell, power rack, few machines, also a treadmill
* I also do mobility and foam roll. I also use that long wooden stick for shoulder mobility.
* It would suck if it's a gym far away or if it's too crowded.
* I live right beside Erb/Fisher-hallman, but not sure if goodlife there is any good
* Hot chicks are a plus, but not necessary at all.

Thanks in advanced broskis and dudettes.


  1. Athletic Club is by far the best if you have the money for it, there no gym in the area that even comes close to the amenities you can find there.
    Otherwise, World Gym is really the only smart option...just as good as goodlife for 10$ a month so you really can't go wrong.

  2. Goodlife is your place to be, athletic club is a fancy shithole. You're better off at a gym close to where you live for convenience. The goodlife there now is a fit for less and is like $10 a month

    Its small but has a decent amount of equipment. Hot chicks might be gone since the hot yoga is gone and no more classes there

  3. I'm only gonna comment on the foam rolling, but I'd suggest buying your own and using it at home. In the little research that I've done, there don't seem to be any additional benefits to doing it immediately after working out, and if you have it at home you can watch a TV show or listen to some music you actually like while rolling. Just my two cents. Now just waiting for a kin student to shut me down.

    1. Afaik there's no actual research as to lasting benefits of foam rolling.
      However, when done right, makes you feel good so w/e.