OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, January 24


QUESTION: To the very few black people on campus, does anyone know where I can get a good hair cut near campus?? Last time i went classique cutz in Kitchener, its too far and instead of a taper fade, the guy just fucked my hair all the way up.


  1. lol i feel you...i have to go home to get cuts, nothing here

  2. Nothing near campus, you'll have to go to DT Kitchener. Diverse or The Jumpoff

  3. Some place called Black and White in Kitchener.
    Rule of thumb to find a good barber:
    Hop on a bus, when the riders start looking sketch AF, any barber in the vicinity can edge you up nice.
    NEVER go to "head kuarters" on philip/albert, they've never seen black people, and they fucked me up.

  4. I cut my boyfriend's hair... I can do yours if you want - for a reasonable price.

  5. +1 for Black and White Barbers.