OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, January 24


QUESTION: Why do so many people take the bus from UWP to SCH?


  1. because first years are lazy fucks who just let the frosh fifteen happen.

  2. First year who lives at UWP, I've never seen a single person do that. The fuck you on about lol.

    1. I've had people ask me if there's a shuttle from the SLC to V1 before. People at this school are more lazy than you think. Hell, a first year girl basically got kicked out and deported for cheating on an exam because she was too lazy to write it herself.

  3. you mean the stop beside BK? most off campus people who live on lester or nearby areas will take it to shorten their walk in the cold. might as well take advantage of your free bus pass.