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Updated on Saturday, January 24


QUESTION: Can someone who has done an interview with Silicon Valley companies tell me the typical length + rounds when interviewing at Waterloo. Thanks in advance.


  1. A lot of large companies do 2 45-min back-to-back on-campus interviews. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, probably others too. Facebook does rounds -- one 45 min interview and if you pass that then you're invited for another 45 min interview the following day.

    Any specific company you're wondering about?

    1. So that's all they do? Because I always thought those companies had multiple rounds (3-4+). So I guess it's unique to Waterloo then. Does this mean the US locations usually have the same criteria? or does this apply only to Google Canada ... etc.

    2. Generally for big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, you don't interview for a specific position on a specific team. You interview for the general software engineering intern position and once you pass the interview process you get placed on a team that matches your interests. This will open you up to be placed in any north american office.

      In the case of Google, they have a "host matching" phase after passing the interview process where they place your application in a pool of other candidates. Potential host teams look through that pool and will organize a phone chat with you - it either could just be a casual chat to get to know you better and to explain what the team does, or could be another interview to assess cultural fit and technical background.

      Source: current google intern

    3. Thanks a ton! Exactly what I was looking for

  2. Facebook and Google in particular