OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Saturday, January 24


QUESTION: can you eat in the DC library???

MOD'S NOTE: I don't know. Can you?


  1. Unless someone stops you, why would you not eat anywhere? The most they will do is say "you can't eat here" as long as you say sorry and don't keep doing it every day, they won't kick you out. Some labs will ban you if you are a repeat offender, although I have never heard of it happening. We have ordered pizza to the lab, with the TAs there, and they said nothing, because they did it too in their undergrad.

  2. i got a girl kicked out once for eating next to me, but only cz she chewed with her mouth open.

  3. HA
    goddamn mods...
    Anyhow... ya you can but don't bring anything that has smells or hot

  4. Fuck you mods. You ain't got time to update posts more than once a week but you got time for dumb fuck dad jokes. Fuck you right in your stupid fucking face.

    1. Wow kiddo do you want some fries with that salt?