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Updated on Friday, January 23


QUESTION: PERSONAL QUESTION. I am a female and am insecure about my sexual experience. I don't want to be considered one of those females that is a "dead fish" if you know what I mean. Tips for females?


  1. This is retarded. If you dont want to be a "dead fish", how about you enjoy and actively engage in the sex you are having instead of just laying there? Are you confused about what the term "dead fish" means?

  2. go after the zynga sweater

  3. All you need to do is relax and the guy should be able to take care of the rest. When you get more experience you can take more control. In all honestly, its a lot easier for an inexperienced female than a male.

  4. Be honest, when you are about to get into bed with a guy, just say "I am not very experienced, I might need some guidance".

    For the guy, they are about to get laid, so they are not about to stop, and it will probably make them feel better too, thinking that you have not slept with many guys. (I slept with my roommate's exgirlfriend, and all I could think about for the first couple times was how he was there first, and it made it worse.)

    Hopefully you can find a guy to sleep with a few times, don't have to be dating, just casually fucking if you want, and they can help teach you positions and movements, and more than anything else, the confidence that you can do it.

    As always, make sure he wears a condom, practice safe sex

    1. Oh, I added that last bit because of personal experience. Roommates exgf wasn't on the pill, and we got too drunk and forgot the condom.

  5. TBH girls dont need to do that much. Be sexy and make the guy feel good about himself