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Updated on Friday, January 23


Whats your opinion on girls swallowing? Is this less desirable? I know this is an intimate question, but I have always wondered why girls spit ( am a female btw). You might as well get the nutrients from the when your already engaging in the process.


  1. As someone who has taken several for the team, I will say that I really hate the taste of semen. I just find it horribly salty and hot. Any time that I have swallowed, I feel nauseated and on the brink of vomiting. Personally, I'd rather spit than empty my stomach contents on my sweetheart.

  2. I think you are confused because you will never find a male who will say to his friends: "Ew dude, last night this chick gave me a blow job after the club and she swallowed my load. Pretty gross I wish she would have just spit it out".

    Males love swallowing, please swallow.

  3. bjts in the active region!

    lollipop licking is well ... interesting

  4. Back in the day, I swallowed everytime. It was horrible. It tastes bad, it makes me want to puke and total turn off.

    I don't anymore...except maybe on a really rare occasion. But I honestly don't give bjs to the point of cumming anymore, we usually end with sex.

  5. A better question is how do you girls deal with neck strain from giving head?

  6. I don't find swallowing that bad as long as you're ready for it, although I am pleasantly surprised when the taste is mild and kind of pleasant.

  7. AFAIK the taste of semen depends on your diet and lifestyle. Coffee has been known to give it an unpleasant taste, and I drink a lot of coffee so I wasn't surprised when I was told my spunk tasted horrid.

    Have your man eat/drink tons of fruit/fruit juices especially pineapple.

  8. this whole thread is making me question everything I've ever known about blow jobs. I have literally always swallowed being under the impression that guys like it better? (Where even do you spit it? Isn't it quicker just to swallow?) I've been with a few guys who have been smokers and that's the only time I've even come close to being like "nope". But still not that bad.

    To the person asking about neck strain- if the guy stands up there's basically none of this. Second best is if the girl lies down on her back and the guy kneels over her face. Still limited neck strain. In the way where the guy is on his back I just take breaks for a bit here and there. Like using hands for a bit, looking sexy, teasing.