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Updated on Saturday, January 17


QUESTION: What's the protocol for someone who failed a term when it comes to paying tuition for the next term. Do they not have to do it? What are the next steps?


  1. Even if you fail your classes you still have to pay from them.

    1. So, if a term is failed, the next term has to be paid for even if the classes can't be attended? Is that right?

    2. 1a. You mean after you fail you have to take a term off? If that's the case for whatever reason, then no, you don't pay for courses you don't take. I think 1 is referring to the fact that you don't get a refund for the courses you failed.

  2. Any core courses you fail will have to be retaken and paid for again before moving on to the next term. If you fail the whole term, you will have to redo it and repay though you may be able to swap out non core courses (though obviously you will have to make up a credit later). As to 1a, if you fail and redo the semester you will be paying close to what you payed initially to take those courses. Assuming you are doing two semesters back to back, and already paid for the second semester, you may be able to get reimbursed the difference between the first and second semester if the second semester costs more than the one you are required to redo.