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Updated on Saturday, January 17


QUESTION: How many of you are just at university because it's what your parents expect you to be doing?


  1. My mother used to laugh at my university dreams, now she's pretty proud of me, so I would say it did it more for myself; coming out of high school I felt like I knew absolutely nothing, four years and four co-op terms later, I say it was worth it.

  2. Yup, my parents drilled it into my head since I was in kindergarten that I was going to university, no ifs, ands, or buts. I never even saw it as an option but as simply the natural progression after high school. I got my degree but now I'm in college studying something I'm far more interested in and I'll have much better job prospects once I graduate.

    1. Just out of curiosity, what are you studying at college?

    2. Urban forestry. Good job prospects, good pay, and interesting work that is a good combination of knowledge-based and analytic work and out-door, physical work. Plus I'll get paid to climb trees which is pretty much my dream.

  3. My parents never suggested I should go. My mom did community college and stopped working after she got married. My dad dropped out of college and joined the military before settling into a trade. My family has never been that concerned with higher education. When I was in high school I got a job and started saving money because I decided that university was what I wanted. I've always loved learning. Even now that I'm in university, my parents still seem to view the idea of me getting a higher education with indifference.

  4. Not so much my parents, but just the class my family is in. If I hadn't gone to uni, I would've been the only one in like 3 generations. All 10 of my cousins, aunts and uncles - even my grandparents - are university educated.

    Looking back on it, for what I want to do, college engineering would have been a better idea. It costs a lot less and you learn more practical material. Really the only advantage I have is 6 co-op terms and a slightly higher pay bracket.

  5. My parents didn't care so long as I had meaningful employment.

    My extended family cared. A lot!
    All my aunts/uncles have their Masters, my grandmother has two degrees. While my grandfather never finished elementary school, he self taught everything and now runs his own business. When I said I wasn't going to school, I thought they were going to kill me. Then I went to college some years later, and they weren't overly happy. Now that I am at university, they actually ask questions about my studies and act proud.
    But whatever, that is their issue.
    I feel worse for my sister who decided to study (and now live) in the US. They were so angry with her - believing that you should study in Canada and that going to the US was a betrayal of our country and family. (completely wack right?)

  6. Mom is a Prof, Dad is a Researcher. They both pushed me towards University, but always told me that university isn't for everyone, and I should consider college if I thought I would like it more.

    I think I would have gone to University anyways, even if they hadn't pushed me, our society pushes kids enough by itself.

  7. Ever since I can remember, my parents taught me that after high school comes University, followed by an entry-level career in my field. Growing up, I didn't know that there were other options for me, as my guidance counselors were useless and said that since I had phenomenal grades, I should obviously go to University. Looking back now, had there been other options, I wouldn't have gone to University, nor would I have needed it. Sure, now I have a degree, but I also have a hell of a lot of debt to pay off. When I have my own kids, I hope I don't make them feel that University is the only option - there is a lot more out there than school, but kudos if University is the right thing for you. It just wasn't for me.

  8. I'm chinese. Dad's a doctor, mom's a nurse. Got pushed towards law because it was the only thing I appeared interested in. I'm graduating at the end of this term, with a LS major but I've recently decided I don't want to be a lawyer (even though I've already applied to law school because it was expected).
    I have no idea what I'll do, so I made a major decision to not pursue a Masters because I don't want a MA and I don't know what to go into (that I could use my background for). Currently fixing my resume and going to look for a job, while I figure out what I want to do - it looks like it'll be programming in the long run.
    I started to learn shortly online after deciding to not apply for a master's, and with the help of my SO who's in doing his Masters in CS. It's turning out to be very interesting and kind of fun.

    My parents don't yet know that I don't want to a lawyer, or even go to law school. Or that I haven't applied to a master's program (which is what they're expecting).

    I still would have gone to university, but I wish I had been able to search around a bit more. I've practically done so it's not worth it to try again from scratch.