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Updated on Saturday, January 10


QUESTION: How does one stay in contact with someone you just exchanged numbers with after meeting once? I'm trying so hard to make new (and lasting friends), but I don't want to seem too clingy.


  1. Start of with a text be like "Hey Just dropping a text" or something along those lines.
    If they respond then you can start up a convo asking them whats up etc....then continue it.

    If they dont respond wait a couple of hours or maybe a day and repeat!

  2. If I wanted to hang out with someone again I'd just hit them up the next time I was doing something. If they aren't interested... so? You should value yourself and your time enough to not be concerned whether someone wants to hangout with you again or not imo, just do what you want.

  3. You could text them later that day something like "Hey its OP, just wanted to make sure you got my number, if you want to chill just text me"