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Updated on Saturday, January 10


QUESTION: Passed 1A Engineering…. Barely.
A GPA within the 65-70 range doesn't make me very competitive for jobs, especially in Oil, which is all I really want to do. It's not exactly comforting that all of my friends in my program finished with 80s and 90s, so what's that to say for how low I rank? Even in upper years, it'll be difficult to get into O&G without a good first Co-op. If I can't get one by upper years, I'm fucked, since experience and marks seem to be the golden goose. I don't want to have to settle for another field of work, so I'm working to improve my grades this term, but I'm still worried that without prior experience from Co-op, if not gotten, O&G won't give me a second look post-grad.

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