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Updated on Monday, January 5


QUESTION: if has anyone had counselling from both health services and needles hall could you tell me which one you would recommend?


  1. I have, and my genuine suggestion is neither. I found counseling to be quite unhelpful at both locations :(

    1. oh :( I see.. sorry about that. If you wouldn't mind could you elaborate on why? I have had some counselling previously (not at school) for my anxiety and found it has helped a lot but now that I am at school I can't access those services.. and I can't really afford to pay for therapy so I'm left with these two options.

  2. I have used Needles Hall, not health services, and I was satisfied. If you want to go, go NOW because the wait is long. I think I waited 3 weeks for my first appointment (around midterm time). I also really disliked the lady that did my intake interview. But the actual counsellor I saw was good (I totally forget her name now...).

  3. i have used both, but the counselling and mental health monitoring i receive from health services is from one of the actual doctors instead of the counsellors on the second floor because my situation can become extremely severe (i.e. requiring a medical intervention) at the drop of a hat.

    to be honest, i find that having both works for me on an ongoing basis as sometimes only a 20 min sit-down/check-in with my doctor is all i need to de-stress (and it's a little easier to get an appointment for too).
    that said, it took me a while to find the right counsellor for me in needles hall as the first counsellor i saw i found was extremely unhelpful.

  4. I've gone to both Needles Hall and Health Services and was happy with both. My first counsellor from NH left to be the full-time counsellor for one of the faculties and the doctor at HS recommended I see one of the counsellors there. At the time, I think it was for some reason like it was easier for HS doctors to communicate with HS counsellors about patients. I think it's been changed now so there's more communication between HS and NH if needed, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

    Honestly, I think it's more about finding a counsellor that you connect well with. That may be at NH or that may be at HS.