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Updated on Friday, January 2


QUESTION: How do you keep fit during the term with school stress and none home-cooked meals?


  1. I like how you're not even considering learning to cook, instead claiming that there'll simply be no home-cooked meals.

    Nothing will be accomplished with that attitude!

    1. How do you know OP has a kitchen to cook in? He/she might be living in residence and not have one.

  2. You need to learn to cook. Seriously, it isn't that hard.

  3. I just try to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Every day I pack 2 tupperware containers of veggies and fruits, and I also make myself a smoothie. For breakfast I have yogurt and fruit. I don't buy chips or bread or any sort of super unhealthy snack-foods. For dinner, I usually make chicken or steak with lots of veggies... and yeah, this doesn't require super advanced cooking skills, just make good choices with your snacks and always keep healthy food in your bag so you're not tempted to go out and buy cheap, unhealthy foods.

    1. u sound like wife matieral

    2. or husband material? where the hell did you see that 3 is a woman

  4. @ OP:
    -set some time to de-stress via exercise (go with a friend or try a new sport/activity: i like elliptical, step, and zumba you can start slow)
    -home cooked, yeah, I agree with all the above saying to learn to cook, but the timing/location might be an issue
    -go with the fruits and veggies suggestion (i like dried cranberries, crackers, soya milk too)

    @ 2a 3a:
    -hey, that isn't right. What gives you the right to imply (with your under laying tone) that its women's work (in a negative sense)? Are you implying men are slobs and are ignorant (can't feed themselves, dress, clean)?
    -if you are prolly trolling, you shouldn't say things like this (its not satirical or a very good social experiment)
    -also looking at this positively, its a bit funny, you shouldn't be condescending to people who you expect to prepare your food

    @ moderators:
    -its been a while since i have been on omguw, not sure if posts are still reviewed before they are released (or shortly after)
    -this is something i really do not want to see, maybe something to think about regarding school reputation, eh?