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Updated on Friday, January 2


QUESTION: How can I tell a girl who I had casually talked to about going on a date after coop that I met someone over coop? I don't want to come across as a huge asshole. Nothing was planned, just "hey, maybe after coop we could go on a date"


  1. Nothing? It shouldn't really matter, if she brings it up just say you met somebody over coop

  2. Is she harassing you about it? Has she ever brought it up? If she hasn't she probably doesn't care and maybe she didn't even want to go out with you in the first place. A lot of girls (and guys i am sure but being a female i can only speak for my own kind) will casually say "yeah sure!" "totally!" to guys when they mention going out on a date while absolutely no intention of following up on the offer.

    Leave it alone, if she ever brings it up all you have to say is: "Sorry, I'm seeing someone now but thank you for taking me up on the offer!".

  3. Is she hot? If so, sounds like you just found your side chick.

    1. New girl is hotter than old girl, and I have a hard enough time managing one relationship during a school term that I am not going to complicate things.

  4. Old girl hasn't texted or anything yet, maybe good sign, but I'm 99% sure we have a class together this term.

  5. sing candy shop to her

  6. Does she even remember you or what you said X months ago?