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Updated on Tuesday, December 30


QUESTION: How do you cope when a love one passes? I unfortunately had someone in my family pass away around Christmas and am having a difficult time dealing with it.


  1. How close are you with your family? Have you tried to talk things out with them and share any good memories of that loved one?

    My older brother was found dead this year, and that's what has helped me. Getting out and about with friends has helped me out a lot, too!

  2. I'm sorry for both your losses, OP and 1.

    Spend some more time with your family if you can, or around people close to you in general. Sharing your happy memories with your loved one is always a good thing to do. Remember the love they shared and showed, and share it with your own family. Talk about the good lessons they taught you if there were some.

    Coping can be exhausting, and some time coping on your own may be necessary. But remember that time spent with others can be your saving grace to keep your sanity and spirit up.

  3. Sorry for your loss, and sorry to be blunt but you should face the true reality of our existence. We all die, it's only a matter of time. One day it will come for you and everyone you know. Face the mortality that's coming for all of us and although it may be uncomfortable or scary, knowing it is just a fact of life might make the pain a little less significant.

    1. Fuck off. Seriously. I know all of that, and it still didn't help when my cousin passed away at only 30, after having been diagnosed with cancer 2 weeks beforehand. it's not the fact that someone died that's hard, it's knowing you'll never see them again, talk to them etc., and nothing can prepare you for that.

    2. You know all of that, but you clearly don't understand it.