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Updated on Tuesday, December 30


QUESTION: Can anyone share their experiences with writing 4th year thesis papers? Please state program.


  1. bio grad. 499 paper was 1/2 rewording the proposal, 1/2 results. if the prof gives thesis'es of previous students working on the same issue, you're in the gold (can use same references, they don't check). anyway 4th year thesis projects are a guaranteed 80+

  2. chem grad. 494 paper was 1/2 rewording the proposal, 1/2 results. And just so that this isn't a carbon copy of 1, you may be able to get away with your supervisor taking a look at it in advance, giving you suggestions, or even pre-marking it several times. Alternatively or additionally, if you were working with a grad student throughout the term, get them to take a look. As a grad student myself, if a fourth year student asked me to take a look I'd be happy to do it.