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Updated on Saturday, December 27


QUESTION: I'm looking for a psych elective this coming semester. I was thinking of PSYCH 253; the content looks rather interesting. The professor teaching it is Hilary Bergsieker. Anyone have a class with her as the professor? What is she like? I've been reading mixed responses everywhere on uwflow and ratemyprof. Thanks in advance!


  1. I really liked the course (it's part of the reason why I chose to do a minor in psych) but for some reason I always fell asleep in class. Maybe it was Hilary's voice or the fact that it was in AL. When I took it last year there were 3 term tests but she only counted your top two so it's ok if you screw up on one of them. There was written assignment based on a book that we chose to read (she gave us 3 options) and it wasn't hard. The exam was cumulative and it was fair. I ended up with 91 in the course. Because I never paid attention in class unless we were doing the top hat questions, I had to read the textbook.

  2. I agree with #1 about it sometimes being hard to pay attention, especially because the class was an hour and 20 mins and was in AL. But that aside, I loved this course, I found Bergsieker very engaging and fair. I liked how she did the top hat questions and that only 2 of your 3 midterms counted towards your grade. The book review was annoying as I am a science student, but it wasn't hard to write and I got a good grade. I finished the course with a 96% by going to class and skimming the textbook to make notes.