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Updated on Saturday, December 27


QUESTION: Ladies, what style of dance would you find attractive for me (a guy with zero experience) to learn? I'm looking for something new to try during coop and I've always wanted to be able to dance


  1. Don't learn to dance because you think girls will find it attractive. Do it because you want to (which you say you do).

    1. I agree with 1, but to be perfectly honest, this is the reason probably at least 80% of guys start dancing around the teens and beyond age bracket

      I suppose dancing to seem more attractive is fine, as long as you KEEP dancing because you love it, not for anyone else's benefit.

      That being said, OP. I'd start with thinking about what music appeals to you the most. Think of what music you can see yourself moving to or what kind of dancing you'd like to understand.

      If you wanna meet girls in a social dance setting and interact with them while you're dancing, latin dances are always a fun way to go.

      If you wanna dance in the same place as girls for performing arts, hip hop, breaking, ballet, cabaret, whatever floats your musical boat works best.

  2. No matter what kind of dance you get into, the ratio of guys to girls will probably be heavily skewed in your favour because that's just how the performing arts seem to go. Pick a type of dance that you like and you'll enjoy it more and do better. Plus, maybe the type of girl you're interested in is more inclined to be into the type of dance you like. And a word to the wise - bitches who are into modern interpretive are seriously basic.

  3. this dance

  4. Bachata is a good place to start because the basic moves are simple and it doesn't look over the top when the guys does his moves.

    Most North Americans won't even recognize that you're dancing bachata. They'll just think that you're dancing well.

    Also consider this:

  5. If you are in coop in Waterloo, there are a number of different dance clubs at UW, from the Ballroom Dance club, to the Salsa clubs, and the athletics department runs classes for a number of other dances as well. Take a look and see what might interest you. I know a few of the clubs have a try-it day.