OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, December 23


QUESTION: From any Engineers' Co-op experiences, have any interviews involved drug-testing (e.g. urine, hair, etc.)? I use marijuana from time to time, so it would be good to know if there's any risk.


  1. You won't get the job unless tested positive.

  2. Not sure about others' experiences, but I was paranoid about this for my first co-op too haha. I'm a software engineer and no companies I know did drug testing. At any rate, I know for sure a ton of my coworkers did the dank stuff on a regular basis, and Twitter (not my company) basically brags about how much pot they collectively smoke.

  3. You're probably safe if you're not going into an oil&gas or nuclear job.

  4. Got a job at an O&G company and I had to do a physical at their Sarnia location. I did a pee test, bloodwork, hearing, vision, blood pressure etc.

    1. I am doing O&G in Sarnia this winter and I can verify. Program?


  5. It's illegal to drug test in Canada. It's a huge violation of your civil rights.