OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, December 23


QUESTION: What are your regular and preemo beers of choice?


  1. Pabst and Stella respectively

  2. True North IPA for regular, Boneshaker and Smashbomb primo

  3. Regular: Tuborg Gold, Pilsner Urquell, Zywiec, Czechvar, Guiness

    Premium: Dead Guy Ale, Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale, Boneshaker, Fisheye IPA, Duggan's No. 9, Delirium Tremens, Mad Tom IPA, Lone Pine IPA

  4. Should we start a beer-tasting club?

  5. Lousy but drinkable: Waterloo Dark, Creemore, Steamwhistle, various Mill St.'s, etc.

    Better: anything Unibroue, Rogue, Delerium, the various Trappist beers. For more local fare (GROWLER FILLS!! MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE) Abe Erb and Block 3 are pretty awesome!

  6. In Waterloo? All I remember is that it's impossible to get good beer so Waterloo Dark had to do.

    In the PNW (heaven in comparison), anything by Sound brewery, anything by Dogfishhead, Russian Riven in their distribution zone...
    Rogue is good but I usually don't get kegs of it.