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Updated on Monday, December 22


QUESTION: if i get a 58 1a average and file for petition what are the chances of it getting approved?


  1. Depends what your reason is

  2. They usually will only bump it up to 60 if it's 59.5+. I think you would be out of luck.

  3. you probably don't want to... if you got a 58 in 1a i think that's a sign to gtfo lol you're just gonna waste money/time (unless as 1 mentioned, you have a valid reason ie mad sickness, family stuff etc)

    1. Don't listen to this person. 1a is especially difficult transition for some people. You are on your own for the first time and that can be challenging. I know tons of people who struggle first year who got there grades into 70s/80s in 2nd year.

    2. 3.a
      He wasn't saying it was impossible to turn around. He was just saying it's unlikely and in most cases it might be a sign that they might not want to stay in their current program.