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Updated on Friday, December 19


QUESTION: What are some good independent or used bookstores in the area?


  1. Old goat books on king

  2. - it's a really cheap online used bookstore, and the shipping can be fast (assuming that's why you want a physical store). Seriously though abebooks will have $150+ textbooks available for $20 or less :D

  3. Old Goat Books is super quaint, very gorgeous and quirky, great atmosphere, but doesn't have a very big collection of books, if you're looking for something specific. It can also be a bit expensive, compared to other old book stores. However, I love visiting it, and it's very fascinating to browse. It's very close by too, if you live in Waterloo.

    My favourite so far is A Second Look. It's in Downtown Kitchener, right on Route 7. It's got a much bigger collection and great prices. It really is very big. It's not as quaint as Old Goat Books, but it's got many, many more books.