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Updated on Tuesday, December 16


QUESTION: People who are working /have worked in DT Toronto. How do you stay fit? I want to know what my options are besides signing up at a Goodlife membership...


  1. simple things can be the best start!
    -> take the stairs on your way to work
    -> go for a nice walk on your lunch break or right after work
    -> take breaks during the day if you're stuck at your desk, even simply stretching and walking to the lunchroom/common area can be a good start
    -> be wary of your diet (and your wallet!)

  2. Check to see if your company offers gym memberships on a discount. A lot of my co-workers usually take their lunch hour to go to the YMCA.

    And remember. Walk more than you eat. Even though Toronto has bomb places to eat, try to walk home (if you can), rather than taking the TTC.

  3. Hit up Kijiji for a bench and weights. I got my bench, barbell, dumbells, and 200+ lbs of weights for 125 bucks. Then Just your running shoes for cardio and you're all set.

  4. Do excercises that only use your body. You don't need a gym to stay fit, do push-ups, crunches, squats, leg raises, etc. And of course you can run for cardio, just take back roads and such so you aren't in everyone's way. Also as 4 mentioned, if you want more than just to "stay fit" and you are actively trying to gain muscle then you can get a weight set fairly cheap online.