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Updated on Sunday, December 14


QUESTION: Econ major here. Which minor is more useful, statistics or cs?


  1. Econ major here. Really depends on what you want to go into. For finance, math and statistics can be more helpful than CS.

    I'd suggest going into Mathematical Economics which will open a lot more doors for you than a minor. if you're in Arts. If possible, thinking about doing it from the Math side if you're more interested in going into finance.

  2. Also an Econ major, you can't actually do a Stats major if you're not in Math, unfortunately. :/ I was pretty mad when I heard.

    Unless you're talking about Econometrics?

  3. What's the point of having a useful minor if your major is useless?

  4. id say stats, with a cs minor you will be in the middle of nowhere, especially if you are based in econ. stats would be more complementary.

  5. if you're in econ, there's no way you can handle either lelelelel
    ~ le math faculty master race